Zayith Bath Salts


Scents Pictured from Left to Right

XOXO: Valentines Day + Bath + XOXO = well, you know. You'll both get out of the tub feelin pretty good. Skin and everything. Featuring Grapefruit Essential Oil! The baby was inspired by the holiday of love, but we decided to keep it around for now...

Ingredients: Grapefruit Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Natural Botanicals.

Drift: Imagine yourself on vaca, floating near the shores of the Dead Sea. Soft, exfoliated skin, calm muscle relaxation, cleared brain thoughts. Cause that's how you're gonna feel after a bath with our Drift bath salt. The battle between the Wild Orange essential oil perking you up while the dead sea salt is chilling you out will be sure to level you. Take a trip, baby.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Natural Botanicals, Oatmeal, Dendritic Salt and Wild Orange Essential Oil.

Submerge: Weightless. Floating. Relaxed. Like swimming in a bed of lavender. You'll get out of the bath feeling refreshed and reminded that life is pretty stinkin spectacular. You'll be looking forward to your next bath.

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Natural Lavender Buds, and Lavender Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.